PI 12 - Body mass index of clients

Proportion of Indigenous regular clients who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) result within specified categories.


Proportion of regular clients who are Indigenous, aged 18 and over who have had their body mass index (BMI) classified as one of the following in the previous 24 months:
  • Underweight (<18.50)
  • Normal weight (>=18.50 but <25)
  • Overweight (>=25 but <30)
  • Obese (>=30)
If there is no BMI recorded or it was recorded more than 24 months ago, the BMI is classified as Not calculated.


  • The user may choose either AIHW's definition of Regular Client (attended the OATSIH-funded primary health care service at least 3 times in 2 years), or Communicare's Current Patient status.
  • Patients must be recorded as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander or both.
  • Only the most recent measurement result with a system code of BMI in the previous 24 months is considered.
Table 1. NKPI PI 12
Element Description
Communicare reports
  • Report > National KPI > PI12 Overweight
  • Report > National KPI > PI12 Overweight Patients
Numerator This report looks only for recorded BMIs, it does not calculate BMIs based on weight, height and age.
Denominator Regular, Indigenous patients with a BMI recorded.
Additional data recording considerations Health services should encourage the recording of BMIs for all patients.