Resending ePrescriptions

If a patient has lost an ePrescription token, any prescriber can resend an ePrescription to the ETP service so that the token is sent to the patient again or can be printed.

The medication must be finalised and current.
To request that the ETP service resends an ePrescription token:
  1. In the patient's clinical record, select the Summary > Medication Summary or the Detail tab.
  2. Right-click the medication and select Reprint or Resend Prescription.
  3. In the Resend ePrescription window, select the way in which you want the ePrescription to be delivered to the patient, or if you want to print the token.
  4. For SMS or Email options, the information included in the patient's biographics, if any, is displayed. Customise this information for this ePrescription if required.
  5. Click Resend.

If the request to resend the prescription is successfully sent to the ETP service, you'll receive a confirmation message and the ePrescription token is sent to the patient again, or the token is printed. The SCID and token will be the same as the original ePrescription.

The phone number or address to which the token is sent is stored.