Sending ePrescriptions

When you send an ePrescription, you know immediately whether the prescription has been successfully sent to the ETP service (eRx).

Error icon In the ePrescription Summary, any medications that failed to send are listed and display an error. Depending on the error, you can either:
  • Send the failed medications again, click Resend.
  • Print a token for each medication on paper to hand to the patient, click Print Prescriptions.
  • Print a paper prescription. Where a paper prescription is created because the ePrescription failed, the medication is still sent to eRx as a paper prescription and an eRx barcode is printed on the paper prescription. The paper prescription is not an ePrescription so the prescriber must sign the script.

Success icon All medications that have been successfully sent to the ETP service are grouped and display a message of medications sent successfully.

The phone number or address to which the token is sent is stored.

For successful ePrescriptions, patients receive the following communication from the ETP service:
  • If emailed, an email from with the subject of Your Electronic Prescription for each medication. For example:
    Example emailed ePrescription
  • If sent by SMS, a text message from eScript SMS for each medication, with a link to the ePrescription. For example:
    Example SMS ePrescription & link