STRIVE Reporting

STRIVE is a randomised community trial to control sexually transmitted infections in remote Aboriginal communities in northern and central Australia.

Objectives of STRIVE:
  • Primary:
    • To determine whether targeted clinical review and support provided to health services can achieve substantive and sustained improvements in the provision of sexual health clinical services in remote Aboriginal communities.
    • To determine whether the attainment of best practice levels in clinical activity can reduce the prevalence of STIs in these communities.
  • Secondary:
    • To measure the impact of the STRIVE trial on health service staff.
    • To measure other non-STRIVE activities which may influence sexual health service delivery.

Reports are distributed to participating health services as required.

To be included in the STRIVE reporting:
  • STI screening must be recorded using the clinical item STI Screening STATE with an export code of STI-SCR.
  • Screenings for asymptomatic patients should have the first STI signs and symptoms qualifier set to Asymptomatic.
  • Pathology requests must be for tests found using the keyword of STI.
  • Abnormal results must be recorded using the Yes/No qualifiers for the specific infection, for example, Chlamydia result abnormal. These are offered in the pathology review if either the lab returns a known code or the result is matched to one of the known tests.
  • Treatment must be recorded using the clinical item STI Screening STATE with an export code of STI-TRT.
  • In all cases as much information as is required on the screening or treatment items should be provided.
  • The reports at Report > STI make reasonable attempts to find the data relating to a screening, pathology request, result, result review, treatment and subsequent screening. The time sequence is not always linear and not always complete.