Dosage instructions

Use the Dosage Instruction window to review abbreviations or short codes for use when prescribing and add new abbreviations.

There are three types of abbreviation in Communicare, indicated with the following colours:
  • Black - default abbreviations that can be edited by the Communicare Administrator and are available to everybody
  • Red - abbreviations that are only available to the user who created them. Only the user who created the abbreviations can edit them.
  • Blue - abbreviations created by a user that have been made public and are available to all other users. Only the user who created the abbreviations can edit them.

Add any abbreviation or short code that your clinicians like to use when prescribing, for example, BD for twice a day, or CF for with food.

To add a new abbreviation:
  1. Select File > Reference Tables > Dosage Instructions.
  2. Click Add iconAdd.
  3. In the new row:
    1. In the Abbreviation column, enter the new abbreviation. For example, BD.
    2. In the Text column, enter the full text that will be displayed in the dosage instructions. For example, twice a day.
    3. To also make the abbreviation available to other Communicare users, set Public.
  4. Click Save and Close.

When prescribing, your clinicians can now use the abbreviation in the Dosage Instructions field and the full text is printed.