The Locality reference table is a list of places used in patient addresses. It is initially populated with over 14,000 localities used by Australia Post when your Communicare server is installed.

To display the Locality window, select File > Reference Tables > Locality.

Adding localities and postcodes

You can manually add new localities as they emerge and add localities for a local community. All localities must have a postcode.

You can modify any locally created localities, but you cannot modify or delete the official, Australia Post localities that were originally imported.

If the postcode for a locally created suburb changes, modify the postcode. The postcode for patients at this locality is updated automatically.

Marking preferred localities

Mark localities as preferred to limit the visible choices of locality in the patient biographics form and save time for users. Using preferred localities helps reduce the risk of mistakenly choosing places with similar place names.

To mark multiple localities as preferred, in the Locality window, select the localities, right-click and select Preferred.
Example Locality reference table

To automatically set localities as preferred based on how often they have already been used, enter a value (the default is 5) in the field on the toolbar and click Add Preferred. Preferred is set for all localities used at least that number of times.