Investigations can be requested by a provider from within a patient's clinical record. Use the Investigation reference table to define investigations.

New investigations can be created and existing investigations disabled or updated.

To add a new investigation:
  1. Select File > Reference Tables > Investigations > Investigations.
  2. In the Investigation window, click Add iconAdd.
    New investigation
  3. In the blank row:
    • In the Investigation field, enter the name of the new investigation. Start the investigation name with an uppercase letter to ensure it appears in the correct sort position.
    • From the Investigation Sub-Type list, select a subtype, for example Biochemistry.
    • In the Site field, enter a site if required, for example serum.
    • Leave the Ext. Code and Ext. Code Type fields blank. These columns relate to the initial import of pathology types and are no longer required.
    • For commonly used investigations, set Short Listed, so that they appear in the short list in the request window and can be easily selected.
    • If you want the investigation to be available immediately, set Enabled.
  4. Click Save iconSave.