Qualifier Types

Qualifiers add additional meaning to a Clinical Item Type, for example to add observations, dates and to request investigations.

A Clinical Item Type can have any number of qualifiers associated with it. For example, the clinical item Blood Pressure may have two qualifiers associated; systolic and diastolic.

To view, add or change qualifiers, select File > Reference Tables > Qualifier Types.

To locate a specific qualifier, enter the qualifier description in the Locate field at the top of the form. Scroll to view the complete list of available qualifiers.

Qualifiers are colour coded:
  • Black - ICPC-2 PLUS terms
  • Blue - other items distributed by Communicare
  • Purple - local terms
  • Grey - all disabled terms

You can add qualifiers to one or multiple clinical items, clone qualifiers, edit qualifiers and remove them from clinical items if required. For more information, see Create and Edit Qualifiers.

Qualifier usage

To see which clinical item types have the qualifier attached, right-click and select Qualifier Usage. If the clinical item type is disabled it will show (item disabled). If the qualifier is disabled on an enabled clinical item type it will show (qualifier disabled). See also Special Qualifiers