Medicare Benefits Schedule Shortlist

Because the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) is so big, you can control the order in which Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items are displayed in Communicare and add short descriptions that are meaningful to your context.

In the File > Reference Tables > Medicare Benefits Schedule > Shortlist MBS Items window, you can set the items you are likely to require to make selection easier when using the schedule. Selected items are listed first.

Each shortlisted item must be given a short description, which you will see in selection lists when using the MBS.

You can also specify an item order. The selected MBS items are sorted into order sequence: give frequently used items low numbers to make then appear near the top of lists without the need to scroll.

To edit the text in the Short Description or Item Description fields, click three times and enter the updated text.

To increase the row height, increment the number in the Row height field.

Note: Items that have subsequently been deleted by Medicare Australia are shown in grey. If a deleted item is currently shortlisted, it is displayed in red: remove these items from the shortlist.