Communicare uses SNOMED CT-AU terminology to capture clinical data.

SNOMED CT-AU is the Australian extension to SNOMED CT, and includes the international resources along with all Australian-developed terminology for use in Australian health care settings. New versions of the SNOMED CT-AU are released monthly.

Tip: If your site uses Adverse Reactions, ensure you update SNOMED CT-AU at least every six months.

Update the SNOMED CT-AU version on both the Communicare server and any clients.

To update your version of SNOMED CT-AU in Communicare:
  1. Delete any old SNOMED CT-AU release bundle files.
  2. Get the release bundle file from the Communicare User Portal - Help and Support:
    1. Log on to Communicare User Portal with your username and password (register online if you do not have these).
    2. On the Help and Support tab, in the SNOMED tile, click Download. An archive file is downloaded to the Downloads folder on your computer.
  3. Import the release bundle file:
    1. On a workstation with Communicare installed, run SNOMED CT Import. Select File > Reference Tables > Import SNOMED CT-AU Data.
    2. Select the downloaded SNOMED CT-AU archive file in your Downloads folder.
    3. Click Start to begin the import process.
      Note: Do not use your computer for other tasks until the import is complete.

If you are unsure about any of the above steps, contact Communicare Support.